How to Create a Big Time Site Promotion Plan?

Before I begin telling you how to generate melt down server kind of traffic, there’s something you need to know. That something is “Big time mistake” that even most top rated internet marketers make. The thing is, you might not see this as a mistake because almost everyone is doing this. In fact this has become the trend in the industry.

I know what I’ve just written comes off as an arrogant know it all type. But bear with me for a moment as I am going to tell you about 2 ways you can build melt down traffic first. One is free (Somewhat) and other is paid.

1. Somewhere Free resource to get loads of traffic – Joint Venture – If you’ve asked me on point blank in front of gun to give you the best traffic secret. I would say it’s “Joint Venture”. Why? Because the people who are being referred to you are already hot, excited and have an existing relationship with the marketer.

They make it look like it’s difficult to do good joint ventures. But it’s not. All you have to do is remember how you can help the JV partner. Again remember “The more doors you knock, the more doors will open”. You have to approach quite a few people to get a good joint venture going.

2. Paid resource for traffic – Now I am not thinking about Google AdWords or any other pay per click system or even CPA leads etc. Nope, From what I am going to suggest, is far more potent method that the above two.

It’s called offline marketing. Yes, You heard it right… You have to market offline. A simple direct response add to generate leads works far better offline that you’d imagine. One of my client was getting 80-100 paid subscribers to his product every month. I told him to take a leap of faith and jump into offline marketing.

And he did it… Do you want to know what was his result in first 3 months?

Total of 45,000+ paid subscribers before his add started losing power. Next advertisement brought 10,000+ paid subscriber in 10 days. Not only he was able to build a subscriber base of paid customer but also number of free leads using direct response ad.

Now after I shared the top 2 tactics, lets talk about the mistake. Most marketers are spreading themselves too thin when trying to market. Yes, they are trying PPC, CPA, article marketing, jvs,blogging, classifieds, yahoo answers and what not. The best way to go about is to stick with a single method and then expand from there.

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